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Competitions make up a large part of the Club's annual agenda. Competition judges are external experts who assess images in a constructive manner, and most members find that entering competitions is an excellent way to learn how to improve their photographic skills. Full details of all the competitions can be found in the Club Handbook.

Competitions are held in two formats of image - prints and digital images - and at three levels:

Internal: the Club runs a good number of competitions, and all Club members are eligible to enter them. There are 3 kinds of Club competition:
  • Trophy competitions which are run over several rounds and for which members are split into three classes by ability;
  • Annual competitions which are one-off with no division into classes;
  • Box competitions which are judged by the entrants themselves.

The Club owns a large range of trophies which are awarded to the competition winners at the end of the season.

Local Clubs: the Club participates in a number of competitions each season with other clubs in the local area. In some of these, Club members are eligible to compete in their own right. In others, each participating club competes as a club.

For the rules of the various competitions, please refer to Section 6 - Local Inter-club Competitions of the club handbook.

Federation Level: the Club belongs to the Southern Photographic Federation (SPF) and the Surrey Photographic Federation (SPA), both of which are members of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB). The SPF and SPA run inter-club leagues and exhibitions each season, the winners of which compete at national level. The Club enters images into all these events, using images that have done well in internal competitions in the prior year.

Cups and Awards

February Fry - Won
February Albany - 8th
April Woking Silver - 2nd
February Fry - Won
March Albany - 3rd
April Woking Silver - 3rd
May 8x8x8 - Won
February Fry - Won
March Albany - 6th
March Woking Silver - Won
May 8x8x8 - TBC
February Fry - Won
March Albany - Won
May 8x8x8 - Won
February Fry - Won
March Albany - 2nd
May 8x8x8 - 2nd