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Digital Competition Presenter


"Effortlessly Manage Your Digital Projection Competitions"


The Digital Competition Presenter was designed with the collaborative efforts and knowledge of members of Farnborough Camera Club. The main objectives of the application are:

  • Ease of use - easy to setup, operate and extract information.
  • Flexible - must be able to adapt to varying competition needs.
  • Dependable - accurately captures the state of competitions, even when you quit the application or worse when your computer crashes!


Digital Competition Presenter Feature List 

  • Specifically designed for Camera & Photography Clubs - based on existing processes, as used to manage competitions in traditional formats, with preview, marking and display of best/winning images.
  • Supports League, One-off and Inter-club competitions.
  • Reports Manager - easily analyse competition statistics and create reports.
  • Run competitions straight from CD/DVD - or any other removable media!
  • Persistence of data - all explicit changes are continuously saved enabling you to continue from the most recent competition state. For example, you start a competition, assign scores to first 20 images and quit application during break. When competition is resumed the 21st image would be displayed with scores for previous 20 images having been securely stored.
  • Helper functions to assist in the creation of competition data - Folder Scan allows mass image imports, Image Previews assists in matching image to owner, Entry Randomisation options lets you choose the extent of entry ordering, Class Filtering enables individual competition class to be run.
  • Intelligent Score Entry System - only permissible scores for each competition type are allowed.
  • Safely backup and restore your competition data - save existing competition data (entries data and images) as backup or for future reference. Allows you to prepare multiple competitions beforehand and restore them as each competition is started.
  • Comprehensive Control Panel - your one stop interface to using the Digital Competition Presenter.


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