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October 2014 - Princes Mead Exhibition


Saturday 11th October saw the annual FCC exhibition held at the Princes Mead shopping centre,  with a display of approximately fifty prints by club members. Subjects ranged from colourful birds to monochrome landscapes, and studio portraits through to sporting action. 

It is an important opportunity for the club to reach out to the local community and as always it was well recieved, with the various photos grabbing the attention of those passing by.

A big thanks must go to Ken Williams for organising the event and to everyone who assisted him throughout the day. 





   2013 - New President for FCC 




Bob Miller has been the Club’s President since 2010, but had decided to leave the Club at the beginning of the 2013/4 season and reluctantly to retire from his position as President. At the Club’s AGM in October, Terry Redman was appointed as the new Club President, and in the photo above Bob (left) is seen handing over the President’s medallion to Terry.

Both Paul Harratt, Club Chairman, and Terry expressed their appreciation of Bob’s service to the Club over many years. Bob had been a member since 1987 and undertaken various roles for the Club and served as a member of the Management Committee. Most importantly, he had taken on the Chairman’s role at a difficult time in the Club’s history. He will be particularly remembered for the humour in his photography, which was not always appreciated or understood by the judges – his print of a plastic frog received a good mark as a real natural history image!

In view of their long and dedicated service to the Club, both Bob and his wife Evelyn (who made our teas and coffees for many years) were made Honorary Members of the Club. We wish you both a long and enjoyable retirement.


   2013 - John Childs Roll of Honour Award


John Childs Roll of Honour


John joined the Club back in 2000 and joined the Committee in 2003, having volunteered to take on the role of Treasurer. He carried out this role responsibly and with distinction for the following 10 years, and oversaw an improvement in the Club’s financial situation from a somewhat precarious position to one of healthy viability.  This was achieved by prudent control of the purse strings.  During his time as Treasurer, he successfully sought a number of grants from the Lottery and other organisations, enabling the Club to purchase the latest and best equipment, especially for digital projection.

John has always freely given of his time for the Club.  He has encouraged other members to develop their photographic skills, and is always happy to give advice, particularly on issues around computer and digital equipment.

He acted as the Competition Secretary for PDIs for many years, and was one of the leaders on this subject, not only helping our Club to be one of the first clubs to enter into PDI competitions, but also assisting other clubs in the federation with advice and guidance on what projector to buy and how to run digital competitions.  His knowledge and guidance was invaluable in the early days of digital projection when many clubs and some of our members were resisting the change to digital.  He also provided input to the SPF when it was setting up the rules and standards for inter-club PDI competitions.

Another role John has undertaken for most of his term on the Committee is Workshop Organiser. He has organised and run a variety of workshops, including:

  • The use of photographic software such as Photoshop, demonstrating basic techniques to members.  This was particularly important in the years after the switch from slides to digital, but remains a popular request for help from members.
  • How to clean the sensor of a digital camera, showing members how to deal with this common problem of early (and some current) digital SLR cameras.
  • How to mount prints for competition purposes – an issue for all new members.
  • How to attain photographic honours such as RPS and PAGB distinctions.  John was one the first members in the club this century to become ARPS and CPAGB, and has since encouraged other members to seek similar honours.  As a result of his help and the workshops he has run, a number of other members have been successful.

Overall John has been a leading light in the Club for over 10 years and one of its most influential characters.  His contribution has helped the Club achieve its current healthy status and its high standing in the SPF leagues.  It is accordingly recommended that John is worthy of consideration for the SPF Roll of Honour.

Clifford Derricut - Club Secretary

   2012 - Terry Redman Roll of Honour Award 



Terry Redman Roll of Honour


The Roll of Honour award is granted to a Club Member who has served 10 years or more, given loyal service to the Club with committee work and the general running of photography within the Club.  The following resume shows that Terry fully meets these criteria and really deserves this award.

Terry has been a member of Farnborough Camera Club Member since 1999.  He has taken part in Club Print, PDI and previously Slide competitions from 1999 to the present day.  His Prints, PDIs and Slides have represented the Club in SPF & SPA Federations, PAGB, Friendly Competitions and Exhibitions since he joined the Club.  He has attended many SPF Exhibition Preview Evenings and League Final Days.

His images have been in FCC and SPF Exhibition Panels and he has received many awards and certificates.  He has been a FCC selector for Federation, Inter-Club League and Championship Competitions.

He is very knowledgeable in both Print and Digital photography; he was an early adopter of digital photography and his knowledge put FCC at the forefront of digital photography in the South of England.  He is willing to give advice to any member of the Club from newcomers to long established members.

Terry also arranged for the Club to sponsor a charity supplying cameras to refugees in one of the Middle Eastern Countries.  They used the web to send the Club, via Terry, some of the resulting images to show that they were using the money the Club sent to buy cameras and fulfil the objectives of their project.

Terry has held as many Club Posts:-

  • Committee member - 10 seasons
  • Programme Secretary - 3 seasons
  • Vice-Chairman - 1 season
  • Chairman - 3 seasons

Whilst he was Chairman he always encouraged the Club to support the Federation and PAGB by entering Digital Competitions as they were newly introduced.

He has been and still is the Editor of the Club Handbook, initially in a print format and now available via the FCC website.

Currently he is taking a less active role in the day to day running of the Club, nevertheless he was elected Club Auditor and to date has audited the Season’s accounts for the AGMs in 2009 and 2010.  The FCC Committee misses his experience at meetings, but if his advice is needed he is always willing to give it.

Clifford Derricut - Club Secretary

   2011 - Inter-Club Digital Image Challenge Trophy



Paul & Leo

 Paul Harratt Farnborough Camera Club Chairman receives the FCC Inter-Club Digital Image Challenge Trophy that was held on 15th December 2011. The sixth event was judged by Leo Rich ARPS EFIAP DPAGB APAGB who provided a touch of humour to the serious business of judging on such a variety of excellent images. Farnborough Camera Club, with their bias towards natural history subjects, prevailed on the night despite a strong challenge led by North Hants Photographic Society.

   Field Trip Report: Farnborough Abbey Workshop



All Members,

Please find here link to report on field trip organised by Farnborough Camera Club in the Summer of 2011  
John De-Terville - Website Manager

   Result: SPA PDI Championship 26 November 2011



                                                                             Green Veined White Male Butterfly by Colin Price                    
All Members,
The SPA PDI Championship was held at East Horsley last Saturday. All the clubs within the SPA grouping (some 30) had submitted their 20 PDIs to be judged by this competition's three judges. The judging was done electronically with each judge awarding the PDIs a mark from 2 to 5, thus the maximum score any PDI could make was 15. At the conclusion of the marking the judges reviewed all the high scoring PDIs (i.e. the 14s, as no 15s were awarded). Each judge then chose one PDI as his/her  "medal" winner.  
FCC were the runners up in the competition to the ubiquitous Camping and Caravan Camera Club. Colin Price was a medal winner with his Green Veined White Male Butterfly.
The individual scores achieved by FCC's entry are tabulated below: -
No Title Score Author
1 Sennen Cove Fishing Fleet                                       9 Ken Whalley ARPS
2 X-Fighters at Batersea Power Station 2010            11 Basil Groundsell DPAGB
3 Green Veined White Male Butterfly                    14 Colin Price
4 Humanoid                                                             13 John de Terville
5 Kingfisher at Rest                                                   13 Richard Bond
6 Moraki Boulders                                                      10 Chris Bean
7 White Water Canoeist                                              9 Derek Riley ARPS CPAGB
8 Reflections                                                              10 Ian Newman
9 Out for the Mornings Walk                                     10 Richard Jenkins
10 Little Egret                                                              13 David Cary DPAGB BPE2*
11 Racing for the Finish                                               12 John Childs ARPS CPAGB
12 Clairmont Gdns in the Mist                                    10 John Childs ARPS CPAGB
13 Two Guys                                                                10 Chris Dennis
14 Winter Song from a Dartford Warbler                    13 David Cary DPAGB BPE2*
16 TRUNKS AND TOES                                                 12 Wendy Collens DPAGB
17 Common Blue Butterfly. ( female)                           12 Colin Price
18 Pearls                                                                          13 Ian Newman
19 Robin with Mealworm                                            13 Richard Bond
20 Virginia Water                                                       
10 Ken Whalley ARPS
David Cary - Competition Secretary (PDI)

    Farnborough Workshop   – Cleaning your Camera



Evening presentation of 13th January 2011, Farnborough Camera Club


FCC members are taken through a camera sensor cleaning workshop that enables them to:-

- identify if their camera sensor needs cleaning.

- use safe steps and understand cleaning materials and tools on the market.

- actually perform a sensor clean (once considered necessary). Using self made cleaning pads, with professional cleaning fluid.


Another good evening had by all, with a rise in awareness and another step close with becoming familiar with your camera.



Cleaning Kit

     David Henderson  – From Origins to Excursions



Evening presentation of 13th January 2011, Farnborough Camera Club

Clive Nichols

A superb evening presentation on the works of David Henderson by the the artist. David reveals to the FCC membership insight into the thoughts behind his inspiratinal and emotive images, some taken as far back as in the days of film (remember that).


The membership are encouraged by David during the interval to pick up his work and scrutinise closely.


  Click this Link for David Henderson's website.



     Clive Nichols – The Art of Garden Photography



Evening lecture of 18th November 2010, Farnborough Camera Club at the Prospect Theater,  Farnborough Sixth Form College

Clive Nichols

Clive Nichols explained how he entered in to the professional world of garden photography, the challenges of film against todays digital recording medium and the demands from his client-base that includes dignitary and celebrity alike.

The evening includes a raffle prizes and competitions that included books of Clives wonderful work.

Click this Link for more information to the Clive Nichols website.


   A personal Approach to RPS Distinctions – Graham Sargeant FRPS 



Event of 7th October 2010 at the Farnborough Camera Club

Graham Sargeant FRPS

Graham explains that The Royal Photographic Society is one of the oldest photography organisations open to everyone to join.

Its aim is to promote the art and science of photography and it is an Educational Charity.

The Society’s Distinction levels are:-
Fellowship ( ARPS and members only )

Graham described what it takes in meeting the criterion for each of the distinctions and demonstarted his work within the Contemporary category together with his panel of work Here's a detailed look at his highest disticntion Panel panel for his FRPS award.

Click our Links for connections to the RPS website and their offerings.

Graham discusses his FRPS panel
FCC members give the panel a closer viewing



  Macro Workshop Presentation and Practical Demonstrations
By Paul Hugill & Ken Whalley




The evening of the 23rd September 2010 saw the Farnborough Camera Club membership receive a detailed lecture before a practical exercise and instruction from Paul & Ken our experts in macro photography. The lectures proceeded to explain just what is this form of photography together with the equipment used, the subjects usually taken and most importantly the pitfalls and limitations of the technique.


Lecture by experts Paul & Ken gives the Close-up/Macro photography lecture.
FCC members use their own equipment to be instructed on and learn the technique.
Members receive instruction