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     David Henderson  – From Origins to Excursions




Evening presentation of 13th January 2011, Farnborough Camera Club

Clive Nichols

A superb evening presentation on the works of David Henderson by the the artist. David reveals to the FCC membership insight into the thoughts behind his inspiratinal and emotive images, some taken as far back as in the days of film (remember that).


The membership are encouraged by David during the interval to pick up his work and scrutinise closely.


  Click this Link for David Henderson's website.

     Clive Nichols – The Art of Garden Photography




Evening lecture of 18th November 2010, Farnborough Camera Club at the Prospect Theater,  Farnborough Sixth Form College

Clive Nichols

Clive Nichols explained how he entered in to the professional world of garden photography, the challenges of film against todays digital recording medium and the demands from his client-base that includes dignitary and celebrity alike.

The evening includes a raffle prizes and competitions that included books of Clives wonderful work.

Click this Link for more information to the Clive Nichols website.

   A personal Approach to RPS Distinctions – Graham Sargeant FRPS 




Event of 7th October 2010 at the Farnborough Camera Club

Graham Sargeant FRPS

Graham explains that The Royal Photographic Society is one of the oldest photography organisations open to everyone to join.

Its aim is to promote the art and science of photography and it is an Educational Charity.

The Society’s Distinction levels are:-
Fellowship ( ARPS and members only )

Graham described what it takes in meeting the criterion for each of the distinctions and demonstarted his work within the Contemporary category together with his panel of work Here's a detailed look at his highest disticntion Panel panel for his FRPS award.

Click our Links for connections to the RPS website and their offerings.

Graham discusses his FRPS panel
FCC members give the panel a closer viewing

  Macro Workshop Presentation and Practical Demonstrations
By Paul Hugill & Ken Whalley




The evening of the 23rd September 2010 saw the Farnborough Camera Club membership receive a detailed lecture before a practical exercise and instruction from Paul & Ken our experts in macro photography. The lectures proceeded to explain just what is this form of photography together with the equipment used, the subjects usually taken and most importantly the pitfalls and limitations of the technique.


Lecture by experts Paul & Ken gives the Close-up/Macro photography lecture.
FCC members use their own equipment to be instructed on and learn the technique.
Members receive instruction