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Farnborough Camera Club has for many years encouraged the introduction of digital technology into photography, and was one of the first clubs locally to purchase, with the assistance of Lottery Fund monies, its own digital projector. Led by a team of three members, John Childs, Peter Watson and Terry Redman, the Club successfully introduced internal digitally projected image competitions in 2005 with the aid of software written specifically for this purpose by Hien Quan, the Club's webmaster.

As more clubs move into digital image projection, we felt it timely to introduce an inter-club competition in which we invited our local clubs to compete. We were delighted by the response as all 6 clubs agreed to enter, and we purchased a brand new trophy to be presented to the winning club to hold for one year, as our intention is for this to become an annual event.

The inaugural match was held on Thursday 14 December on a Club evening, and it was most pleasing to record that all the clubs were represented. Our judge for the competition was Phil Peddy ARPS APAGB, President of the Surrey Photographic Association. Each club submitted 12 images which were individually assessed by Phil and given a mark out of 10. The standard of entries was very good, making Phil's job all the more difficult, but providing a highly entertaining evening for the audience. The winning club was the one with the highest aggregate score, and, after 2 hours of judging, our software produced the final results at the touch of a button.

The clubs taking part and their scores were as follows:

NEWDIG (ex-Gems) Basingstoke 109
Bracknell Camera Club 105.5
Aldershot & Farnham Camera Club 103.5
Farnborough Camera Club 103
43 Camera Club 102
Yateley Camera Club 100
Windlesham & Camberley Camera Club 99.5

Thus the final scores were very close, but NEWDIG emerged as a clear winner and our congratulations go to them.

Fcc_inter_club_di_challenge_peddy_fullbrook Judge Phil Peddy (left) presents the new trophy to Ernie Fullbrook BEM APAGB of NEWDIG.


The following images were given the maximum score, and the photographers are to be congratulated:

Click on image thumbnails for enlargements.

by Bryan Powell
Evening Bathe
by John Evan
[Aldershot & Farnham]
Great Tit
by Keith Polwen
by John Evans
[Aldershot & Farnham]
Sky Mosaic
by Rex Sellars
[43 Club]
Global Challenge
by Ron Gafney LRPS
Castello De Baroni
by Chris Whitty
[Aldershot & Farnham]
No Not Me
by Simon Taylor
[Aldershot & Farnham]
Owl In Flight
by Dave Filler
Face In The Window
by Peter Handford ARPS
Hidden Fungi
by Ernie Fullbrook
Red Cross
by Bryan Powell
The Power Of Mont Blanc
by Tristram Reed