2020-2021 Competition Winners

All photographs remain the copyright of their respective authors

Club PDI Trophy – Advanced Class

1st Place – Linda Kent

2nd Place – Lesley Taylor

3rd Place – Kathryn Graham

Club PDI Trophy – Club Class

1st Place – John Sturgeon

2nd Place – Martyn Sharp

3rd Place – Naomi Ward

Club Print Trophy – Advanced Class

1st Place – Lesley Taylor

2nd Place – Kathryn Graham

3rd Place – Sally Seager

Club Print Trophy – Club Class

1st Place – Naomi Ward

2nd Place – John Sturgeon

3rd Place – Neil Payne

PDI Set Subject – Textures

1st Place– Naomi Ward –   Beautiful Bark                     

2nd Place– Hartmut Kullmann (PhotoCirkle – Obereusel) – Aumuehle meets William Turner

3rd Place– Carrie Haub (PhotoCirkle – Obereusel) – Wavebreaker

Highly CommendedLesley Taylor – Lichen on Bark

Highly CommendedVivien Smith – Seaweed and Rusty Iron

Highly CommendedVivien Smith – Moss and Lichen

PDI Annual – Creative

1st place – Kathryn Graham – Forget – Me -Not

2nd Place – John de Terville – Work in Progress

3rd Place – Alan Brown – Dreaming of Boiled Egg and Soldiers

Highly Commended – Clare Edwards – Welcome

PDI Annual – Open

1st place – Ian Newell – Stonechats Fighting

2nd Place – Kathryn Graham – Sunset Sea

3rd Place – Lesley Taylor – Wool Carder Bee

Highly Commended – Ian Newell – Anglesey Barracks

Highly Commended – Sally Seager– Marbled White on Thistle

Print Panel

1st Place – Vivian Smith – Trees in Snow

2nd Place – Kerry Turner – Christmas Fayre

3rd Place – Sally Seager – Hoopoes with Food

Highly Commended – Lesley Taylor – Birds of the Mara

Highly Commended – Kathryn Graham – Woodland Vistas

Presidents Challenge

1st Place- Ian Newell

2nd Place – Jacqui McDonald

3rd Place – Georgie Prior

Annual Print – Open

1st Place– Kathryn Graham – Marbled White on Scabious          

2nd Place – Kerry Turner – Hooded Vulture in the rain

3rd Place – Naomi Ward – Beautiful Bark                                            

Highly Commended – Neil Purcell – Making Hay whilst the Sun Shines.

Highly Commended – Lesley Taylor – Large Red Damselfly

Highly Commended – Ian Newell – Stonechats Fighting

Annual Print Competition – Portrait

1st Place– Kathryn Graham – Viewing the Outside                       

2nd Place– Naomi Ward – Lockdown Madness – A Self Portrait

3rd Place– Clare Edwards – Uncertain Times

Highly Commended – John De-Terville – Yuli in Mono

Photographer of the Year

1st Place- Advanced and Overall – Kathryn Graham

2nd Place – Lesley Taylor

3rd Place – Naomi Ward

1st Place- Club Class – Naomi Ward