Visited by Owls….

For our final speaker of this season Pete and Katie Wheildon joined us from Otterbourne Hides and Studio. Pete talked about the amazing natural history photography journey he has had throughout his career, photographing crocodiles, great white sharks, lynx and many more. He spoke about some of the project he has undertaken and shown some of his ingenuity in trying to get the ‘shot’. Particularly of interest was the puffin project with a floating hide!

In addition, Pete and Katie brought us three of their owls, Wiggy, Wobbly and Benz. Benz, a little owl, was a little shy, However, Wiggy (Barn Owl) and Wobbly (Tawny Owl) were very happy to pose for the odd photo!

Many thanks to Pete and Katie for a great evening.

We are coming to end of this years season now, but we have some great speakers lined up for next year… so watch this space….