Google Calendar

Note – The club is currently in the proces of updating the calendar with the 2019/20 season events. It is up-to-date out to January 2020.

The club currently maintains an online calendar that be be subscribed to, for importing the club dates in to your phones/tablets/Outlook/etc. It only needs to be subscribed to once and then should reflect any future events or changes added by the club.

The URL to this calendar is:

The way you use this is different depending on your calendar software. We can’t advise on how to use the calendar on all types of the phones or software but the following might help. Ideally you want to subscribe or sync to get ongoing updates rather than a one-time import. If you have used it in the past year but don’t have this season’s events, check your calendar program to see if sync is turned off.

On some devices it may simply be possible to click the above link and agreeing to subscribe to the calendar.


With Android, there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to subscribe to calendars on the phone/tablet itself. On a computer visit the website (you will need to be logged in to your Google account), on the left hand side there should be a ‘Add a friends calendar’ box. Enter and hit return. It should now appear in the list of  ‘Other Calendars’. After that, on your phone/tablet you’ll have to dig around in the calendar app settings, ‘show more’, click and make sure Sync is turned on.


See (For step 6, use the URL at the top of this page

Apple iCal, Outlook, Mozilla Lightning

This link has some instructions that hopefully still point in the right direction –