Photo Cirkle

Farnborough camera club has a long standing relationship with our twin towns camera club Photo Cirkle in Oberursel. Recently ‘PhotoCirkle’ invited Farnborough camera club to take part in an exchange visit. The idea behind the exchange was for a member from each club to visit each other’s town to capture in photographs their impression of the two towns. Later in the year prints will be exhibited in Oberursel featuring the results of the exchange visit.

In late April, Farnborough camera club hosted Jutta from Oberursel. We had a jam-packed weekend travelling around Farnborough and Aldershot taking pictures as we went. We visited Farnborough Abbey, Farnborough Business Park with the Balloon hanger, Aldershot museum, Wellesley Woods as well as photo walks out and about. We even we lucky to come across Rushmoor Fire service training by the canal and they kindly let us capture a few shots of the training.

Many thanks to all for hosting and allowing us to take pictures.

In May, Gary from Farnborough visited Oberursel capturing his shots from around the town. He also had a busy weekend travelling around the town/ local sites and up into the mountains. He was also treated local delicacies during the weekend and brought back some local sausages and pralines.