Out of the Mould and Editing challenges

Recently the club held the second runnings of its informal ‘Out of the Mould’ and ‘Editing challenge’ competitions.

The aim of the ‘Out of the Mould’ competition is to challenge members to take shots outside of their comfort zone. The challenge sees members draw 2 subjects at random each. The member then takes a shot for each of these themes. On the evening we break up into small groups to score the pictures, enabling us to get some practise at scoring of pictures.

This years winner was Naomi Ward for Dots Dashes and Diagonals. Second place went to Rainbow by Neil Purcell. Three photos tied for third; Bolts by Paul Whitbread, Circles by Wendy Collens and Sports by Linda Kent

The editing challenge was a fun competition held on finals night. Prior to the evening four images as a digital negative were made available to members to edit as they please. The original pictures featured: some lego characters fighting, a wind surfer, a dandelion seed head and finally an image of the Old Farnborough traffic control building. Any type of editing was allowed and the aim was to have fun and practice different editing techniques.

The winning image by Wendy Collens which was an edited version of the lego characters fighting with well known political leaders battling away. Another of Wendy’s edits is now the facebook banner and combines the Farnborough images, wind surfer and lego characters all in the same new image.