Results of the ‘Virtual’ Annual PDI competition

Thursday 9th April saw our slightly delayed annual PDI competition to be completed.

Due to the on-going Corona Virus Pandemic we held the meeting on-line. Peter Merry our judge very kindly agrees to judge the competition entries virtually via webex. The competition was then streamed live on you-tube for the membership to watch.

The evening started just after 8pm, to allow members to ‘clap for the NHS’. We kicked off the evening with the creative competition, 12 images on a creative theme. Either through the process of taking the picture, or afterwards in post production (or a combination of the 2). There were 12 entries in this section. Peter awarded 5 images highly commended and the first/ second and third. Here are the results:

1st to Kerry Turner for Watery Tulip
2nd to Kathryn Graham for Jurassic nightmare
3rd to Wendy Collens for Frozen Fuscia

Highly Commended:  
Basil Groundsell – Gannet Aerobatic Team – Crossover
Chris Bean – Riverbank
Naomi Ward – Dots Dashes and Diagonals
Pat Svanberg – Sunflowers
Vivien Smith – Double Tulip

After a short break we proceeded with the OPEN competition, a chance for members to put into competition their best image of the season. Peter awarded 12 images highly commended as well as the first/second and third places. Here are the results:

1st to Kathryn Graham for Surfing through stormy seas
2nd to Lesley Taylor for Female leopard Maasai Mara
3rd to Mark Pirie for Cuckoo Landing

Highly Commended:
Chris Bean – Anchors
Clare Edwards – City Morning
Ian Newell – Little Owl in Autumn
John De Terville – Dark Stare
John Sturgeon – First Frost
Kath Mitchell – Confluence of the Indus and Zasgar Rivers
Kerry Turner – Villers b Langston 1
Lesley Taylor – Holly blue
Linda Kent – Horseshoe Falls Niagara at sunrise
Mark Pirie – Mountain Gorilla Portrait Uganda
Martyn Sharp – Old Chapel on the Hill
Sally Seager – Open – Pensive Hare
Vivien Smith – Dahlia
Wendy Collens – Floating Feather

Peter commented the it was strange judging remotely, however, the technology worked well and the competition was a great success. Many thanks to Peter for braving his first go at online judging for us. Thank you to Ian and Paul behind the scenes in making sure all the technology worked.

This marks the end of the formal competition season (as the print competitions work less well virtually!) However, we are holding bi-weekly challenges which we aim to feature on-line.

In addition we are exploring getting some speakers arranged to talk to us virtually. … So watch this space!