Upcoming – Virtual Meetings

Due to the Corona Virus pandemic Farnborough Camera Club has suspended all its meetings at the Cody Sports and Social Club. However, thanks to the internet and various social media/ video conferencing software we are able to hold virtual meetings. To this end the committee have been trialling different video conferencing software etc. We have arrived at a solution which we think will work for the club.

We are planning to use a combination of Webex video conferencing software and youtube. Some meeting we will have a small video conference with a live stream to youtube – this will be the most reliable means for everyone to watch the meeting. This has a second advanctage of allowing members to watch the meeting at a different time. The video will be available for 1 week after the meeting. Other meetings where more participation is needed, we will just hold the meeting in webex.

To access the meetings – a link will be provided beforehand.

The first meeting to be held in this way will be this years Annual PDI competition on Thursday 9th April. Our judge Peter Merry has very kindly agreed to judge remotely. Other than this competition being held online, the evening will run in a similar way as normal club competitions.

We will keep you updated as and when we plan further virtual meetings

Watching online meeting