Lockdown Interclub Challenge

Due to the corona virus lockdown, Farnborough Camera Club moved its meetings online. Using Webex we were able to share images/ competitions with members in their living rooms. After a successful PDI competition it was realised that having meeting online opened up so opportunities for interclub challenges with clubs anywhere in the country.

Once we had the idea, we approached Ken Whalley an ex- Farnborough member, if his new club in Penwith, Cornwall would be interested in a challenge. Lesley, our chairperson, had compeleted an online OU photography course and had a friend at Conwy camera club, so we approached them as well. Both clubs agreed to take part.

We had 15 images per club, each from different authors. Stephen Galvin kindly agreed to judge the competition and score the images. Below are each of the clubs entries.

We had a fantastic competition, with Penwith winning overall and Farnborough and Conwy very close in scores.

Here is the list of the 6 images that scored 10.

  • Gannet Stare, by Peter Menear – Penwith
  • Tranquil Brisons Sunset, by Andy Pryde, Penwith
  • Light in the Storm, by Ken Whalley, Penwith
  • Cascade, by Angela Thompson, Penwith
  • The Last Supper, by Robert Prenton Jones, Conwy
  • Chimpanzee Kibale Forest by Mark Pirie, Farnborough

All photographs remain the copyright of their respective authors