On-line meetings continued…

Although traditionally Farnborough camera clubs programme ends at the end of May, we are continuing to hold regular meetings on-line using webex. Although, restrictions have eased many of us are getting out less and seeing people less – so the on-line meetings allow us to continue meeting people.

Since the last update we have had a number of talks, a further challenge and a quiz of – ‘can you guess the place?’.

Paul and Lesley from the club gave talks about trips to Yellowstone and Kenya respectively. They talksed about how the trips worked, where they went and showed some of the fabuloiuhs shots they were abot to get. – Thank you both.

Following Lesleys talk, Kathryn gave a short introduction to lightroom for those who were not familiar with the software.

During this time we have also been lucky to have 2 two speakers. First, Jeanette Lendon spoke on smart phone photography – highlighting the fantastic shots these phone cameras can now achieve. Providing us with some hints on how to achieve some more unusual shots and the types of software that can be used to process them. It would not be unusual to find anyone who had watched this talk bending down the the ground with their camera almost in a puddle trying to get reflection shots! An inspiring talk which has opened our eyes to what is possible to achieve with the phone in your pocket. This talk has gone on to inspire our final lockdown challenge – ‘phone photography’ .

Secondly, professional travel photographer Julian Elliot joined us from France (the advantage of online meetings is that your speaker could almost be anywhere). Julian spoke to us about travel photography in Mongolia – the huge wide vistas, the eagle hunters (hunting with eagles), the people and the place. A fascinating talk that was hugely enjoyed.

Earlier in July we held an informal meeting where members submitted photos for the rest of the club to guess the location…. it was clear that most us didn’t know most of the locations! Members then went on the describe their picture, where they went, how and why they took it.

Finally last week we held our final lockdown challenge before the start of the new season….. ‘ Phoneography’. Members submitted photos taken with their mobile phones and then voted on by the members. Once the results were announced members then went on to describe how they got the shot and how (if any) they processed it.

The highest place images were:

HC Windmill at Sunset by Ian Hardacre
HC Farnborough Business Park by Jacqui McDonald
HC Ruka Finland by John Sturgeon
HC Wisley Waterfall by Martyn Sharp

3rd Rain in Venice by Neil Payne
2nd Penmon Lighthouse by Kathryn Graham
1st Orange Skipper @ Southwood Country Park by Kerry Turner

The next on-line meeting, Thursday 13th August, is a two way challenge with Ringwood Camera Club, with Ian Brash as our judge.