Lockdown Challenges 3, 4 and 5

Farnborough camera club have enjoyed participating in a range of lockdown challenges. Themes are selected such that it should be possible to take/create interesting images during the lock down.

Members viewed the presented images and voted for their favourite 3 images. Uses these votes 3 highly commendeds are awarded as well as 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Lockdown challenge 3 – Macro

Lockdown challenge 3 was Macro or Close up

HC Dandelion seed by Ian Newell
HC Golden fly by Lesley Taylor 
HC Mantis in the rain by Neil Purcell
HC Garden Spider by Naomi Ward
HC Geum by Vivien Smith
3rd Fly by John Fletcher
2nd Dandelion Seed Head by Basil Groundsel
1st Leucophora on Black Lily by Kerry Turner

Lockdown challenge 4 – Still life

Lockdown challenge 4 was Still life, which was held along with our annual AGM.

HC Tulip Bulb John Fletcher
HC Memories of Dad by Lesley Taylor
HC Apples by Neil Purcell
3rd Rose and Fruit by Basil Groundsell
2nd A little drop of Red by Wendy Collens
1st Forget me not by Kathryn Graham

Lockdown challenge 3 -placed images

Lockdown challenge 5 – Triptych

The 5th challenge for triptych. This is a set of 3 images presented together. They could be presented in any format on any theme. The placed images were:

  • HC Nomads by Wendy Collens
  • HC Ages of poppy by Neil Purcell
  • HC Sunset on the Atlantic by Martyn Sharp
  • 3rd Lichens by Vivien Smith
  • 2nd Unfurling Bracken by Kathryn Graham
  • 1st Colours of Antelope canyon by Basic Groundsell.

Here are all the triptych entries