We are back! The 2020-21 Season Begins

Thursday 3rd September saw the start of Farnborough Camera Club’s new season. Having had the shortest break ever, just 2 weeks, we have returned.

New members are always welcome to join, email the membership secretary and we will provide details for the on-line meetings. For our new visitors at this meeting – WELCOME. We hope you enjoyed the evening.

With the current Corona Virus restrictions we have decided to continue on-line until at least January. We are constantly reviewing the situation and will keep you up to date if things change. However, this is not stopping us! We have a full programme with competitions, speakers and other activities all arranged. Whilst we are running on-line we are only holding PDI competitions, once we can meet again in person we will re-introduce the print competitions.

To ease us gently into the new season we held two very informal competitions. First our annual 10’s competition, where members vote for their favourite image which scored a 10 last season. We followed this with the editing challenge. Four images were provided which we could edit in any way we pleased, again members voted for their favourite. Results of the competitions can be seen below.

NEXT WEEK: We have a Speaker, Gareth Martin who will be giving a talk titled ‘ In the Making’ .

10’s Competition

Its always good to see last years top images. The highest place images were:

HC Leopard Cub in Tree by Basil Groundsell
HC Lion Cub Massaaii Mara by Basil Groundsell
HC Badger Looking By Ian Newell
HC This is my Pond by Linda Kent

3rd Mating Silver Studded Blues by Kathryn Graham
2nd Stormy Seas by Kathryn Graham
1st Floating Feather by Wendy Collens

Editing Challenge

The editing challenge saw some imaginative entries, from the comical to enhancing the images.

The three favourite images from the challenge were

3rd Starry Starry Night by Ian Newell
2nd Hot Springs by Lesley Taylor
1st Poster for an Oscar Winner by Paul Whitbread