Set Subject Competition 2020 – Texture

So this years PDI set subject competition was on the theme of texture. What a challenge that turned out to be, both in terms of taking the pictures and then for our judge. It turns out there are lots of varients of taking pictures of tree bark and rust.. amongst others. Thank you to our judge for getting through 77 images on the night and finding the top scoring images.

Unlike our other internal competitions, as with previous years, our twinned camera club PhotoCirkle based in Oberursel Germany also participated. This year, was different though, due to the pandemic our meetings are online, via webex, therefore our friends in Germany were able to join in the meeting and watch live the commentary from the judge. This was a really great to be able to see our friends in Germany and also chat to them during the break. We hope we can do this again in the future…

So here are the results.

Highly Commended: Lichen on Bark by Lesley Taylor
Highly commended: Moss and Lichen by Vivien Smith
Highly commended: Seaweed and Rusty Iron by Vivien Smith
Highly commended: Urban Giraffes by Wendy Collens

Third Place: Wavebreaker by Carrie Haub from PhotoCirkle (Oberursel)
Second Place:
Aumuehle meets William Turner by Hartmut Kullmann from PhotoCirkle (Oberursel)
First Place: Beautiful Bark by Naomi Ward

Congratulations to all